Our Curriculum

PLANET KIDS INTERNATIONAL Center for Children offers a structured academic program.

Our curriculum is designed and implemented to meet and exceed the Early Childhood Education Standards:  The core subjects of math, language, arts, classical literature, science, and social studies are taught at all levels.

The curriculum is enriched with art appreciation, computer studies, ***Hungarian school prep classes***, physical education, music appreciation, dramatic arts and "green" methods.

Your child will enjoy music daily, while able to identify a variety of classical composers.

PLANET KIDS INTERNATIONAL Center for Children believes in Character Education. Education of character is considered equally with academic education, children learning to take care of themselves, their environment, each other - cooking, cleaning, building, moving gracefully, speaking politely, being considerate and helpful.

Assessment is the teacher's observation and record keeping. The test of whether or not the system is working lies in the accomplishment and behavior of the children, their happiness, maturity, kindness, and love of learning and level of work.

At PLANET KIDS INTERNATIONAL Center for Children students are encouraged to:

  • explore, wonder and question
  • experiment and play with possibilities
  • research and seek information
  • make and test theories
  • elaborate on solutions to problems

Our teachers utilize a variety of teaching strategies which enable our students (and teachers) to build and develop knowledge and skills from year to year.

PLANET KIDS INTERNATIONAL Center for Children is a wonderful place for the early learner to begin. Our warm family  atmosphere provide a great base for our academic programs.

The Educational Staff at Planet Kids  are all qualified, background checked and  have their CPR/First-Aid certification. Our teachers are educated in either early childhood education, elementary, special needs, and hold educational certificates.


healthy food

At Planet Kids we strive to provide our children with nutritious well balanced meals. Our menus include regular portions of fruits and vegetables and a variety of assorted grains.
Planet Kids is able to provide special menus at no extra cost for children with:* Diabetes.* Sugar* Gluten* Lactose intolerance.